Lawn pH and Lime

It's important to maintain the proper pH level in your lawn. (A simple way of thinking of pH is "how acidic is the dirt my grass grows in?) The roots of grass won't absorb nutrients from the soil if the pH is out of whack too much. How can you tell the soil pH? Easy! We have FREE soil sample kits! Just take a sample and send it to a local laboratory (they charge a small fee for the test) and they'll email you the results!

Around here, most often the soil samples indicate lawns need to have the pH adjusted by adding lime or lime-type procuct.

We sell Solu-Cal, a lime product that saves you time and money. Just one bag of Sulu-Cal equals five bags of pellatized lime! No worrys about burning your grass if you follow proper application instructions.

Price is just $28.99 for a 50 pound bag.